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Loomis Armored

Why Loomis turned to the SmartDrive® Video-Based Safety Programme

Loomis is an international leader in the cash handling services industry. With roots dating back to the California gold rush, Loomis has over 150 years of experience, and its U.S. fleet of nearly 3,000 armoured vehicles forms the backbone of a national cash distribution and processing network serving banks, retail and other commercial enterprises.

Loomis prides itself on a strong foundation of safety and risk management. With a safety philosophy that embraces the idea of a “Perfect Day” – one in which drivers avoid personal injury, keep assets secure and go home safely every day – as well as an active approach toward minimising fleet risk, Loomis was seeking to reduce accident frequency and severity, as well as the associated cost to people, equipment, liability, and safety reputation.

“When we started using SmartDrive, what we immediately saw was significant seatbelt non-usage. After six months, we’d reduced that behaviour by 68%. If we can change that behaviour, which is a challenging one, we believe we can change any behaviour.”
Randy Sheltra, Vice President of Safety

Why the SmartDrive programme is the Smart Choice for Loomis

Loomis turned to SmartDrive Safety, which captures comprehensive in-vehicle data on triggered events, reviews and scores operational and safety performance, and provides actionable management reports, eye-opening video, and simple driver coaching tools – all through an easy-to-use managed service. The idea is simple – create safer drivers, and reduce collisions and their impact.

Collision Reduction

Reduction in Speeding Violations

Reduction in Seal Belt Violations

Fleet Size

Loomis has long since prided itself on a strong risk culture and a proactive risk/loss control programme. With the addition of the SmartDrive programme, Loomis is able to further complement their risk programme by improving employees’ driving skills.

“SmartDrive gives us the opportunity to correct unsafe behaviors, because we see incidents occur that we normally wouldn’t see. By changing those driving behaviors, we can reduce the impact of the most significant incidents and keep the general public safer.”

Randy Sheltra, Vice President of Safety


Maximizing the Value of their Investment

Loomis begins each week-day by reviewing the SmartDrive Response Center and zeroing in on prescriptive coaching opportunities. Driver distraction, speeding and following distance are major contributors to collisions in any fleet. With the SmartDrive programme, Loomis has the evidence to clearly exonerate drivers in not-at-fault collisions, which is a major benefit to the company and the drivers. Furthermore, the SmartDrive system has also proved to be an invaluable aid in anti-robbery awareness, enabling employees to capture suspicious persons by use of the SmartRecorder manual trigger

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