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SmartDrive helps Transdev build driving skills, curb collision costs

More than 400,000,000 public transit riders board Transdev buses and other vehicles every year. Here’s another impressive statistic: A safety principle which has become an industry standard states that from every 300 unsafe acts come 29 potential collisions and 1 catastrophic loss. As Transdev VP of Safety, Shelly Hall, declares, “Changing those 300 unsafe acts before they occur is our priority.”


Why Transdev was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Programme

To understand how transit operators were performing on their routes and ensure rider safety, Transdev invested in an on-board video system to help identify areas to improve driving technique and skills to prevent future collisions and damages. “While we were using another on-board video system, we simply weren’t getting the results we wanted,“ Hall said. “We needed a way to really get a better handle on finding those 300 unsafe driving manueuvers so we could change them.” Transdev explored other on-board video systems and selected SmartDrive Safety, an on-board video and safety programme, because it resulted in a deeper and more effective level of driving insight.

Here’s why SmartDrive made so much sense for Transdev:

  • Delivers the insight: Driving videos provide a consistent, objective view into safe and unsafe driving maneuvers for the bus operators.
  • Saves time: Because the SmartDrive safety experts review all the videos first, it’s easy to prioritise coaching decisions, which saves significant time for the safety managers.
  • Identified the positive: The videos also highlight good driving skills, document rider issues, and protect the drivers when they’re not-at-fault.
  • A strong partnership: The SmartDrive account team works closely with the Transdev staff and management to continually optimise results.

Collision Reduction

Reduction In Unsafe Following

Reduction in Seat Belt Violations

Reduction in Speeding Violations

Why SmartDrive is the Smart Choice for Transdev

To improve driver performance, you need to see driving skills in action. SmartDrive helps Transdev achieve that goal by screening the videos for them. Experienced SmartDrive reviewers note observations, such as incomplete stops or distracted driving, then scores and prioritises the videos, making it far easier for Transdev coaching sessions to be positive reinforcement opportunities.

Visual learning with video promotes better driving

At the end of the day, it’s about reinforcing safe driving to each individual driver.

 “The great thing about SmartDrive is how it really makes our drivers understand what they’re doing behind the wheel. The video helps them visualise it, process it and change what they are doing so ultimately they can be safer behind the wheel. Now they can make better driving decisions. It’s been a magnificent tool so they don’t get themselves in a bad situation and injure themselves or the people that ride on our buses,”
Shelly Hall, VP of Safety

While videos may be used to correct unsafe driving, they also play a role in reinforcing positive skills. “We get quite a few SmartDrive clips where the driver is doing what he or she has been trained to do, such as scanning an intersection, or avoiding another vehicle that’s about to run a red light, for example,” Transdev Safety & Training Manager David Barkoski explained. “We can take those positive clips into our safety meetings and it really has a positive impact on our drivers.”

Major dividends from a relatively minor investment

The efficiency of the SmartDrive System – from recorded events to actionable, easy-to-use data – has given the Transdev safety team the insights into the 300 unsafe acts that they needed. It’s also helped them achieve strong results:

  • $5 million lower claims costs
  • 50% reduction in collision frequency in the first six months with SmartDrive
  • Steady downward trend in unsafe driving

While the Transdev safety team understood the importance of on-board videos, and in fact were early adopters of such systems, it wasn’t until they found SmartDrive Safety that they got the clarity, simplicity of use and coachable content they needed to make a lasting difference in reducing risky driving.

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