Protect Video Safety

Keep your eyes on the road with Protect video safety

New to Solera, Protect by SmartDrive is our cost effective video safety platform built specifically for smaller fleets.

Improve driver safety and develop a ‘no accident’ culture, through a simple and effective AI based camera solution, with real-time, in-cab driver feedback to help bring your drivers and fleet home safely each day.

Easy to manage, configure, and deploy

Get the data you need to safeguard your fleet and your drivers.

Protect features a forward and interior facing camera in a single unit, giving you great visibility for driver and fleet safety. Within minutes of an incident, you’ll know what happened.

  • Stand-alone video-based safety solution
  • In-cab driver feedback
  • Simple installation
  • GPS tracking
  • Virtual ride along
  • Video on demand

Accidents happen

Professional fleet drivers are found at-fault in over 20% of vehicle collisions in which they are involved, but statistics alone will not ensure your fleet’s safety.

Protect is a powerful exoneration tool that’s always on when you need it.

Keep your drivers and your reputation safe with Protect.


Get all the basic video-safety services you need for your fleet at an affordable price. Its single monthly payment per vehicle covers both the service and equipment lease. Protect offers a simple installation process enabling fleets to equip their vehicles themselves with no hassle, and with no large up-front costs.

Are you ready for a new video-based safety platform that will protect your drivers and fleet?

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