SmartDrive improves driver safety. Here’s how SmartDrive works.

The SmartDrive goal is fairly simple: to help fleets, save money and save lives.

But how do we do it? Our system is easy-to-use, yet comprehensive. It identifies specific areas where drivers can improve their driving skills. This means predictable and sustainable reductions in your operational costs and a clearer understanding of what happens both on the road and in the vehicle.

Our innovative driving skills programme applies predictive analytics to the world’s largest database of analysed audio, video and telematics data. It is the only system to focus on a personalised driver training programme, enabling our customers to gain unprecedented collision and damage frequency reductions and fuel savings—up to 70% in collision costs and 10% or greater in fuel savings.

SmartDrive Safety is an award-winning driver safety programme.

The SmartDrive driving improvement programme


1. Most accurate event recording system

Our SmartRecorder event recording system uses sophisticated sensors to capture video, and audio – reducing false positives. See video examples

2. Team of expert analysts

The SmartDrive Review Centre reviews, categorises and prioritises driving events on 70+ points of observations, which eliminates all the heavy lifting for you.

3. Individualised driver coaching

This analysis quickly builds driver performance profiles so coaches can quickly and confidently work with the right drivers at the right time.

4. Better Drivers

Safety is tracked at the driver level and benchmarked across sites to understand the areas where more optimisation is possible.

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The SmartDrive Advantage 


The next generation in visibility

All the information needed to make the right calls is now available in the SmartRecorder 3 System. When an unusual driving event occurs, it captures video from the road and the cab.