When drivers aren’t concentrating accidents happen. Driving errors account for 94% of all collisions, of these nearly 80% involve driver inattention. Prevent the most common causes of collisions and improve driver safety with Inattentive Driving+. By combining purpose-built intelligent driver-assist sensors with computer vision, Inattentive Driving+ brings new levels of risk identification.

Compact and intelligent

Understand the root causes of collisions and near collisions with the latest compact and intelligent image monitoring technology.

Immediate In-cab alerts

Deliver real time distracted alerts to avoid inattentive driving, correcting driver behaviour before a catastrophic events occur.

Discover the full picture

Coaching drivers to improved safety and reducing on-road risk has never been more effective. Combined with analysed video, Inattentive Driving+ reveals what computer vision alone does not.

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Inattentive Driving+ 

Driving is a skill that requires full attention to safely control a vehicle and respond to events happening on the road.  Lapses in attention, drowsiness, smoking, mobile phone use, inattentive driving, and eyes off the road cause accidents.  Identify and eliminate the most dangerous risks in your fleet with an in-cab, sensor-based system that uses advanced computer vision-based algorithms to identify and alert drivers of inattention before a catastrophic event happens.

Inattentive Driving+ ensures your drivers and your fleet is safe by preventing incidents before they happen. The immediate in-cab feedback for drivers combined with coaching enables drivers to avoid high-risk moments and reduce the possibility of them happening again.

  • Real-time in-cab driver alerts when drivers are inattentive or drowsy 
  • Insightful data and video for expert review to support driver coaching 
  • Inattentive Driving+ helps to reduce accidents

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