We’re here to protect and support the heroes of the road. That’s why the SmartDrive® programme focuses on helping drivers hone their driving skills. They can see immediate improvements and get recognised for good driving practices. Unique in its approach, SmartDrive delivers a comprehensive programme to educate and engage drivers at each milestone, from near-immediate video download to coaching reports for more effective reviews. The SmartDrive programme provides the tools to identify, review and coach the individual driver’s performance with objective, accurate insights.

Protecting and exonerating

With the most accurate, advanced video event recorder on the market, drivers are protected by having the right video and vehicle data, which helps exonerate them in not-at-fault or fraudulent claims. Over 80% of our videos captured have helped to exonerate drivers.

Improving driving skills

Using ‘game films’, in a way similar to those used by sports teams and athletes, drivers can review and learn how to improve their driving skills, whether they’re a seasoned driver or new to the profession.

Saving the planet

As more companies focus on their green credentials, drivers are increasingly adopting eco-driving techniques to help reduce carbon emissions and improve fuel consumption. By improving their skills, with safer and more anticipative driving, they can be a part of a greater cause and help save fuel costs as well.


We understand that some drivers don’t immediately see the benefits of our programme. Let’s address some of their questions head on.

Is SmartDrive used for disciplinary purposes only?

The SmartDrive programme promotes driver protection and exoneration, as well as positive feedback and driving skills development. Over 80% of our videos are used for exoneration, the remainder for coaching and skills training.

Are the cameras recording all the time?

No! The SmartRecorder records when triggered by specific driving manoeuvres, such as hard braking or swerves. Because it records before and after the triggered event, the cause of the incident is revealed, which is often not the driver’s fault. Typically, about five minutes of video per driver per week is recorded.

Feeling competitive?

Build an incentive around the SmartDrive programme and reward your drivers for hitting safety and driving improvement goals. Easy-to-understand reporting and KPI measurements help you engage your drivers and recognise good performance.

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