70% reduction in collision costs
Thousands of exonerated drivers
Results that stand the test of time

Whether you are long haul or cash in transit, local delivery or utility, the concerns for your business are the same:

  • Rising insurance costs
  • Rising cost of litigation and claims
  • Improving the bottom line
  • Compliance with increasingly complex regulations

SmartDrive provides commercial fleets with an effective, video-based driver performance improvement programme that helps eliminate the riskiest driving manoeuvres that increase collision frequency and severity, drive up costs and negatively impact the overall safety performance of the fleet.

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Helping good drivers become great drivers

Think of SmartDrive as “game films” for drivers – helping identify skills that need improvement while reinforcing great driving skills at the same time. And because accidents do happen, these videos show the true story. When collisions do occur, the majority of the time other vehicles on the road are at fault. SmartDrive helps exonerate your drivers and keeps them on the road.

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Effective, flexible and easy-to-use

Good coaches need solutions that help them deliver consistent and fair feedback. SmartDrive is effective because it includes audio, video and vehicle data about the safety event, delivering a measurable and objective picture of what happened. It includes:

  • Connection to the engine control unit to capture vehicle data
  • A highly visual and intuitive management dashboard
  • Industry-leading video analysis services
  • ”3-click” coaching workflow

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Let SmartDrive do the work

All videos pass through SmartDrive’s Review Centre, where our experts review, score and prioritise critical safety events based on 70+ risky or unsafe driving manoeuvres. This minimises the time spent coaching while ensuring coaches focus on the skills that have the greatest impact on collision frequency and severity.

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Increasing value through integration

SmartDrive’s open platform enables fleets to connect to other safety systems on the vehicle – providing a complete view of safety system performance and increasing the return on your investments.

What happens when risky driving manoeuvres are reduced?

  • Collisions decrease
  • Fuel usage improvement
  • Maintenance costs decrease
  • Drivers feel more confident
  • Fleet managers have less stress
  • The general driving public is safer

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SmartDrive captures, reviews, analyses real-world driving and delivers it to fleets to improve driving skills.
How it Works

Success Stories

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