SmartDrive helps fleets improve driving skills, lower operating costs and deliver meaningful, indispensable value.

We do this through the SmartDrive Promise. It represents who we are, our commitment, and our continued efforts to provide customers with the most innovative solutions, the best service, and results that truly make a difference.

We put our customers first.

  • Providing first-class service on a personal level that really makes a difference
  • Get  technical customer support when you need it, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • We ensure your safety programme’s success by providing responsive technical customer support, experienced installation services, and a dedicated customer success manager

We deliver video in minutes, not days.

  • Video is off loaded and available in minutes after events happen, ensuring you have the right video at the right time rather than waiting for nightly off loads
  • You can access video and our expert observations in minutes, getting you the information you need quickly rather than waiting days

We safeguard your drivers and business in every collision.

  • Improve driver safety with the goal of bringing your drivers home safely everyday
  • Exonerate drivers who are not a fault by providing video data
  • Protect your business and brand from fraudulent and costly claims
  • Enable drivers to capture events as they occur through on-demand functionality

We will save you the most money in the shortest time.

  • Reduce collision costs by up to 70%
  • Resolve claims up to 35% faster

We protect your investment with a solution you won’t outgrow.

  • Stay in control of your safety programme with custom scoring, and make changes easily as your safety programme evolves
  • Expand your visibility by configuring your vehicles with 1, 2 or 4 cameras
  • SmartDrive easily integrates with your existing technologies giving you better insight into driving performance and improving the fleet’s operating efficiencies

Our customers realise significant results in weeks not months.  We’d love to discuss our promise and what that means to your drivers, fleet, and business.

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