SmartDrive Safety

Think of videos as “game films” for your drivers, analysing their actual driving performance and pinpointing areas of improvement. SmartDrive Safety uses video to help managers coach drivers on their individual performance. It provides a true picture of what’s really happening on the road.

It’s an approach that’s unique to SmartDrive Safety, and it’s helped hundreds of thousands of drivers. Quite often, it has exonerated them against fraudulent claims.

Best of all, our programme is simple and easy to use.

Reduced collision frequency

  • Risky driving drops by as much as 50% within the first six weeks, and up to 70% by the end of the 1st year
  • Time to resolve claims is often more than 35% faster
  • Actuarially validated methodology predicts and proves collision frequency reductions

Lower operating costs

  • Safer, greener driving yields up to 10% or more in fuel savings
  • Reduces maintenance expenses

Better protection for drivers

  • Improves driver safety and security
  • Exonerates drivers who were not at fault

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Over a two-year period, fleets show 75% reduction in risky driving
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SmartDrive captures, reviews, analyses real-world driving and delivers it to fleets to improve driving skills.
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