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70% reduction in collision costs
Thousands of exonerated drivers
Over 10,000 transit vehicles added last year

SmartDrive provides transit agencies with comprehensive, video-based operator performance improvement programmes that eliminate the riskiest driving manoeuvres that can lead to collisions and drive up costs.

A leader in safety programmes for the transit industry, SmartDrive has been installed on over 10,000 vehicles in the last year alone spanning:

  • Transit agencies
  • Paratransit
  • Shuttle operators

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Achieve unprecedented levels of operational safety and efficiency

Think of SmartDrive videos as “game films” for your operators, which are reviewed in an easy-to-use coaching workflow. The result:

  • A significant reduction of collisions
  • Enhanced public safety
  • An improved overall safety profile of the fleet, with an average 70% reduction in collisions and associated costs

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Install an effective solution

  • Automated on-board video cameras fully attuned to the operator, vehicle and environment
  • Connection to the engine control unit to capture vehicle data to provide a complete view
  • A highly visual and intuitive management dashboard
  • Industry-leading video analysis services
  • Operator coaching tools

Learn about the SmartDrive Advantage and How it Works.

Let SmartDrive do the work

All videos pass through SmartDrive’s Review Centre, where our experts review, score and prioritise critical safety events based on 70+ risky or unsafe driving manoeuvres. This minimises the time spent coaching while ensuring coaches focus on improving the riskiest skills that have the greatest impact on collision frequency and severity.

Improve operator driving skills through coaching

An easy- to-use “dashboard” provides a single console for managers and coaches to educate and engage their operators by:

  • Identifying top risks
  • Reviewing and tracking videos, notes and stats
  • Conducting and documenting coaching sessions

Exonerate operators and transit agencies

Accidents happen. Our videos show the true story, exonerating operators and their agencies from hundreds of catastrophic and serious collisions.

Increasing value through integration

The SmartDrive solution enables transit agencies to connect to other systems on the vehicle, maximising return on investment.

SmartDrive captures, reviews, analyses real-world driving and delivers it to fleets to improve driving skills.
How it Works

West Horsley Dairy

West Horsley helps their drivers rise to the top by sharing the benefits they get from adopting the programme.
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